Tuesday, May 28, 2013

6th Grade is Over!...

I can't  believe Dominique is done with Elementary already!. Our baby is going to Junior High next year. How exciting and scary for her, and me, at the same time. I know it will be a fun year with so many fun things to do, new friends and activities...but she is not so sure yet.  I'm happy that this school year is over though. It wasn't a fun 6th grade for Dominique. She struggled with some self steam, mean girls and not really good  friendships issues the whole time, that finally turned really bad at the end of the year. She cried most of the days because she didn't wanna go to school anymore. She felt lonely and sad, with no friends. It was hard, as a mom, to see her going through something like that, specially when she came from school telling us how lonely she felt all the time. Girls were been mean to her. Her self-steam went to the floor and  I think she was having a really hard time learning/knowing who she was. Lots of body/hormones changing for her. She got her period for the first time when we got back from Chile and... WOW hormones were running crazy in our home!. She was feeling pretty awkward. I bet she didn't know about how to "feel normal" anymore with so much going on in her life all at the same time. I remembered when I was her age...I didn't know who I was anymore because I wasn't a little girl but I hated to see all the changes in my body and feelings that I couldn't control or understand most of the time. I felt so weird!..I was happy one minute and the next I was crying like crazy because of the word of a song!...Friends were friends one day and the next day were my worst enemies at school...It was hard to concentrate at school, I always had a crush on some boy from my school and suffered because he didn't even notice that I even existed some days!... I remembered that I was screaming and yelling for every little thing and argued with my mom a lot, you know?...my mom didn't know anything about life at that time... I felt that my mom was really annoying!...haha
I'm so glad that things changed for me after I got married!...hahaha.
 I didn't know what to say or do things so I wouldn't make things worst.  So we decided with Kyle to take her to therapy. We were a little bit concerned with the "self steam" issues more than anything. We prayed and  felt it was the best for her before she goes to Junior High were things could be hard depending on how she feels about herself. We want her to be confident and happy as she was before...after a month she is doing way much better learning more about her changes. It helped us to be better parents too. I can say that I'm really happy were we are now. The worst is gone and she is learning little by little how to deal with herself,  different situations and people.
She is learning that sometimes growing is not fun BUT that she will be ok!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's Family Time

The weather has been so nice, middle 70's, that we decided to go on a ride to American Fork Canyon. Dominique's new hobby is photography so she takes her camera everywhere she goes now. She is pretty good!...I'm not posting her photography work here but just the family ones. She and Kayla were having lots of fun with the pot-guts that were everywhere and were pretty brave to come so close to them...they were very curious little creatures!. We wanted to take Jack with us but last time we took him with us he got a splinter in her paw and we had to take him to the vet...it was $300 dollars!..so poor Jack, no more walks to the woods  for  him.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Kayla and me had a "disagreement of an opinion"...so she got upset at me for not doing what she wanted me to do or say...I can't remember...then she was yelling at me, I tried not to get mad at her and smacked her on the head...so as calm as I could told her go to her room and cool down...after you cool down I expect you to say sorry. After 15 minutes or so, she came back to my room to say sorry, she looked and sounded really  sorry. Then after she finished she put her hand on her hips and said to me:..."mom, we wouldn't have so many fights if YOU WEREN'T SO DEFIANT!!!...things would be so much easier if you wouldn't argue and disagree everything I say or want".  I couldn't stop laughing this time...She is HILARIOUS!!!...I AM TOO DEFIANT!!!...that's the problem!...hahaha. I love Kayla...she drives crazy 23 hours a day , the 1 hours left is when I'm in the bathroom,ha ...but I can't deny it, she is funny!!!. She is my "gatita".

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Temple...for the First Time...How Sweet!

Dominique turned 12 last week. I can't believe she is in Young Women now. My baby!...is not longer a baby anymore...I feel nostalgic to see her growing. I wish I could stop the time so I can always have her by my side, to protect and love her...however I'm glad to know that God has a better plan than mine for her  = )
She was so happy because the Beehives were gonna go to the Temple to do baptism for the dead today. She couldn't wait to be there!...She was excited and anxious. Sarah came to pick her up and together they went to Sister Johnson's house to meet with everybody else. I went to see  if I could  go with them. Sister Johnson told me it was a great idea so I went with them. I tried to keep myself away from the group so Dominique wouldn't feel that she had to be with me and not with her friends. The Temple was full. They were so many kids doing and waiting to do baptisms. It took a while for them to take their turn. It was kind of a bummer that I couldn't wait because I had to picked up Kyle from work so I had to leave before I could see Dominique going into the water. She stayed with her friends in the chapel until they call for our ward to go. When I told her I gotta go I look at her and her face was glowing she was so happy, she looked so peaceful, she looked so beautiful all dress in white...and I was happy for her. I knew she was never gonna forget her feeling of that moment  in such a beautiful place like the Temple, the House of the Lord. When  she came home she ran to her room to write on her journal about her feelings and the love she felt from Heavenly father for her. She knew she was in the right place that day to do God's work. I love my baby...I know she is growing, but she will be always my baby!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Friday Night Party

Dominique wanted to celebrate her Bday with some of her friends from school on Friday night too. She invited a few of them. We got pizzas, cake, ice-cream...and more. They watched a movie, played games and have lot of fun!. Kyle and me decided to go in our room to watch a movie and let them alone. We knew they were having fun because the only thing we could hear was laughing and more laughing. The party went from 6 to 10.30pm then I took all the girls to their homes. Mimi and Kayla had a blast with the girls. Sarah told me she had so much fun that she hoped they can do it again. I felt really happy for Mimi and how fun her day turned out. I was happy for her... Her Bday should be something special and for what we saw and heard ...it was!...so she was happy and we were happy for her...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Today Is Your Day...Let's Celebrate!

We celebrate Dominique B-day in the morning and then in the evening with 2 of her friends, Valentina and Mary. We have some cake and fun. Daddy was able to make it just on time. It was a wonderful day for Dominique, at home and school she celebrated with all her friends and buddies. She got lots of presents!. What a day!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Dominique Turned 12...How Fun!!!

Dominique, a daughter like you is a very precious gift to us. You were once our little baby..now our shinning star!. You are growing so fast. Sometimes I wish I could stop the clock. You are turning into a beautiful young girl. You have been blessed with so many talents. You are such a caring, sweet and wonderful example for Kayla. You are a great older sister and friend for her. You have so many qualities that make you  so special in our and God's eyes. Don't ever forget that you are our joy and that We love you with all our heart!.
Turning 12 in the church is a big deal. So we are so excited for you and for all the great thing that are waiting for you this year.
We got up earlier than usual so we could fix breakfast for Dominique, before school and work. It was Kayla's idea. She fixed pancakes and juice for Mimi, decorated her trade. I made her cake yesterday. So Kyle Kayla and me got up really quiet, prepare everything and woke up Dominique with the happy b-day song. She was so happy. Kayla felt so happy because her plans worked out perfectly!
pd: Jack helped too!